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Stemulite is a patented formulation of seven components that make up what we feel is the best all natural sports, fitness and overall health supplements in the world today. Stemulite is still heralded by thousands of people for its all-around health benefits. Continually the telephone calls come in praising Stemulite Fitness Formula for its many, many benefits including better sleep, more endurance, faster recovery times, gains in strength and calling Stemulite the best muscle building supplement.

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The Science of Maximum Bioavailability

Stemulite™ is a high potency super-fitness compound, specifically designed to promote overall quality of life and Peak Body Performance™ Stemulite supports the body with the best combination of fitness ingredients, created with a proprietary blend of natural bioenhancers to boost bioavailability and effectiveness. When combined with these natural bioenhancers, the superior quality ingredients in Stemulite work in concert to promote superlative results during exercise and recovery.

Pro Athletes & the Importance of Stemulite

The Stemulite combination helps your body perform like a champion. It’s all here. Mitochondrial energizers, free radical scavengers, amino acid stackers, immune regulators, stem cell recruiters, inflammatory down-regulators, rest and sleep enhancers, and a trace mineral that promotes mood elevation and HPA synchronizing of hormonal functions. After years of R&D, Stemulite achieves superior results with its Fitness Formula. The natural bioenhancers in Stemulite Fitness Formula are not easily manufactured into tablets. In fact, one key ingredient is patented for tablet use and only found in Stemulite products.

Stemulite Brand Products Guarantee

All Stemulite Brand Products come with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the results you see from any of our products for any reason your money will be refunded promptly, no questions asked. Please feel free to telephone your order in at 541-997-6100